The RISC OS Midlands User Group will be hosting their annual RiscOS Summer Show as part of Recursion, with all the latest news and software from the RiscOS World!

You will be able to test out the latest version of RiscOS on the Raspberry Pi computer - at last a fast OS for our favourite little computer!

Catch up on the latest community gossip and events, sign up to a local user group or just reminisce by playing your favourite games from the good old days of the BBC Micro and Acorn computers.

There will be special stands, competitions and activities to celebrate the outstanding contribution made to British Computing by RISC OS

RISC OS Exhibitors:
The RiscOS Midlands User Group
Vince Hudd, Softrock
Tony Bartram, Amcog Games
Nigel Wilmott, Organizer
Tom Williamson, Ident Computers
John Cartmel
Steve Fryatt